My name is Paul and I’m a writer and entrepreneur living in Brisbane, Australia.

I spent close to 20 years in the IT industry as a consultant and project engineer. As a former Microsoft MVP I founded and ran Practical 365 (previously Exchange Server Pro), a leading community site for Office 365 and Exchange Server technical content.

I’ve self-published many books over the years, and written for Microsoft Press. I’ve also worked as a Pluralsight author, creating video training content for IT pros.

These days I focus on our happiness, health, and working on our family business. My work is at the intersection of business & people management, modern technology, and marketing. As I learn things, or am inspired to share and help others, I write about them here on this blog.

Some other projects of mine:

  • Surviving IT: Essential Advice for Building a Happy and Healthy Technology Career. I wrote Surviving IT as my farewell advice to traditional IT pros and tech workers. You can read it for free online, or order a copy here.
  • Other books I’ve written are here.
  • My code blog, where I share things as I learn them.
  • In 2014 I did my first photography project, a 365 project that you can see here. I learned a lot about photography that year, and still enjoy the hobby today.