How to Stop the “Install the iCloud Control Panel” Prompt

If you’ve recently upgraded iTunes on your computer you might notice you’re being repeatedly prompted to install the iCloud Control Panel.


If you’re like me and you don’t actually want the thing installed it gets annoying pretty quickly. With only two options of “Download” and “Remind me later” it’s the kind of nag screen that rapidly diminishes any feeling of goodwill you have towards a company.

After wearing out my patience I spent some time looking into how to get rid of the prompt for good. There is no option within iTunes that I could locate. It’s possible that there is a setting in the registry or a config file that is controlling this.

Regardless, the solution is almost as frustrating as the problem. Click “Remind me later” enough times (I would say 4-5 times based on my recollection, since I wasn’t really counting) and eventually the question changes.


Finally you get to click “No thanks” and the nag should be gone for good. Probably until the next iTunes upgrade anyway.

By Paul Cunningham

Paul is a writer and entrepreneur living in Brisbane, Australia. He enjoys spending time with his family and running in the mountains. Paul was the founder of Practical 365, a former Microsoft MVP, and Pluralsight trainer. Paul is also on Twitter and Instagram.