Hi, I'm Paul.

I’m an author, entrepreneur, and former IT consultant. I’m currently pursuing happiness while working on the next big thing in our lives.

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My 2019 Reading List

Here's the list of everything I read or listened to during 2019, and my thoughts on each of them.

How to Use a Mentor

Mentors shouldn't be treated as a human Google search that you can interrupt whenever you want to. Here's how to make the most of a mentor in your career.

How to Be Wrong

Digging in your heels when you know you're wrong is only going to make your professional life harder.

How to Quit a Job

Over the first 16 years of my career I worked for 9 different companies. One company was acquired, and the new company went bankrupt. Another company had me on a rolling contract, which eventually ended when they outsourced the role. For all the other companies I worked for I resigned from my job. The reasons…